A Timeline Of DeFi Technology

As the leading DEX on the SKALE network for Ethereum, Ruby.Exchange is built on a number of technologies and trends in the blockchain space that are only just now reaching maturity and critical mass.

By with an effective scaling solution and integrating NFTs into the user experience, Ruby represents the culmination of many years of development by the talented DeFi developers and pioneers who have gone before us.

Very soon, Ruby will be coming out of beta. We will be unveiling a and functionality. Today, October 31, 2022, also marks exactly 14 years since Satoshi published the Bitcoin white paper. With all that in mind, this seems like a good time to take stock and reflect on some of the milestones that have led up to this point.

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Start Trading And Farming On Ruby

Ruby.Exchange is already . Anyone can , , and on Ruby.Exchange — the leading AMM in the SKALE ecosystem.

Because Ruby.Exchange runs on SKALE, users enjoy the benefits of zero-gas transactions, fast finality, protection against front-running, and — coming soon — frictionless transfers between SKALE Chains.

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Gasless, NFT-powered AMM/Dual DEX on the SkaleNetwork !

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