Connecting The SKALEVERSE: Metaport Is Live!

Connecting The SKALE Ecosystem

Over the past year, Ethereum has strengthened its position as the leading smart contract ecosystem as new scaling solutions have come online, effectively addressing gas and congestion problems. Solutions including roll-ups and SKALE will continue to be an important part of Ethereum’s roadmap, even with the successful Merge and, in the future, sharding.

Ruby, The Trading Hub Of The SKALE Network

The significance of this functionality cannot be overestimated for the dozens of projects launching on SKALE. It allows critical services such as a fiat gateway partner or a lending dApp to maintain technical integration with a single SKALE Chain, while enabling all IMA 2.0-enabled chains to access their features — without the costs and delays of using Ethereum mainnet as an intermediary hop between chains.

Open For Business

Effective interchain bridging is the highway network of the SKALE-based blockchain world, enabling tokens and liquidity to flow seamlessly between different networks in the ecosystem. It is crucial to establishing Ruby.Exchange as the source of liquidity for SKALE and a destination for traders and LPs across the entire Ethereum and non-Ethereum DeFi space.



Gasless, NFT-powered AMM/Dual DEX on the SkaleNetwork !

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