Ruby.Exchange Goes Live!

We’re thrilled to announce that Ruby.Exchange — the foremost AMM on SKALE and a founding member of the Europa Liquidity Hub — is now live in beta on the Europa SKALE Chain!

Although this is a soft launch, we’re offering all of the major features we planned, right out of the gate:

Collect Rare Gemstone NFTs With DeFi Utility

Upon completing their first transaction, all users receive a profile gemstone NFT, generated from a randomly-generated set of parameters. Any address that does not hold a profile NFT will automatically have one generated on its next transaction, so if you don’t like your profile gem, transfer it out of your account or burn it to receive a new one. Any number of new profile gems can be minted.

Watch out for the first NFT raffles, in which users will be able to buy tickets to win gemstones that reduce trading fees, increase APYs, and provide other platform perks!

Earn RUBY Liquidity Mining Rewards

100 million RUBY tokens have been allocated for yield farming rewards. These tokens will be distributed over a period of five years. Pools that will initially pay RUBY rewards include:

Find out more in Earn And Burn: Exploring Ruby’s Token Economics.

Send Us Your Feedback!

Start trading on Ruby.Exchange, or deposit liquidity to earn trading fees and RUBY rewards. You’ll find everything you need on Ruby’s all-in-one Dashboard. Smart contracts can be found in Ruby’s GitHub repository.

Following our soft launch, we’re keen to gather feedback and refine the platform as much as possible. Please let us know your thoughts, including any new features you’d like to see.

Follow us on social media and join the Ruby community on Twitter and Telegram.



Gasless, NFT-powered AMM/Dual DEX on the SkaleNetwork !

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