Ruby: Our Roadmap To Full Decentralization

3 min readSep 9, 2022


Following a year of building, Ruby soft-launched on June 16, 2022. Over the last three months, we have continued to fix bugs, add functionality, and develop the service, as well as overhauling our website’s front end to provide a significant performance boost.

As we are now nearing the end of Ruby’s initial phase and looking forward to coming out of beta, it’s a good time to publish our roadmap to ensure our community understands the long-term role they will play in the Ruby DAO.

Ruby Roadmap: High Level Aims

The long-term aim is full decentralization of both the protocol and governance.

The ultimate goal for Ruby is to provide a robust and feature-rich AMM, built on SKALE’s high-capacity, gasless infrastructure, and managed by the global community of RUBY token holders.

The roadmap above is intended to give a broad direction of travel towards this final destination, rather than specific, timed, sequential milestones. There are two reasons for this.

The first is that it is unrealistic and disingenuous to commit to fixed deadlines months or years in advance, without any clear picture of how the landscape for blockchain and DeFi will evolve in that time. Projects that make such promises almost invariably end up breaking them and delaying expected features anyway.

Secondly, in a fast-moving sector such as DeFi, it’s vital that we are able to remain flexible enough to adapt to changing market conditions and user needs. In practice, most of the features on our roadmap are already in some stage of development, and work continues on them concurrently. However, priorities can shift as we seek to maximize value for the Ruby protocol and the wider SKALEVERSE, take advantage of new trends and technologies, and seek to mitigate any new risks that arise. Sticking rigidly to a predetermined roadmap in these circumstances would be irresponsible.

Consequently, the “roadmap” is more of a checklist of what we would like to build and the functionality we need to develop in order to fully decentralize the protocol and hand it over to the community. Nothing is set in stone, nor should it be.

Current Priorities

At present, our focus is on preparing for full launch, which will see Ruby come out of beta and become part of the core infrastructure for the SKALE ecosystem.

This includes a redesign of our website, improving the UX and addressing a number of pain points experienced by our community.

We are also now actively testing the Metaport widget, which will enable instant, free transfers of tokens between SKALE Chains. Once testing is complete and any bugs have been addressed, Ruby will be able to list any asset launched on other chains, enabling dApp users to transfer and trade their tokens easily.

Metaport will be critical for the success of the SKALEVERSE.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

The Ruby.Exchange roadmap is a living document that will be updated over time, as we see new technologies and needs arise. If you have feedback or further ideas for features that do not appear on it, please get in touch via our official Telegram channel.

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